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Whether the issue is regulatory, legislative, financial, or a matter of accreditation, ASCs are held to the same standards as any health care provider in New York State. NYSAASC is your advocate in Albany on the issues of importance to ASC owners, operators, professional staff, and patients

In our highly complex regulatory climate, the monitoring and tracking of developing legislation is critically important to surgery center operators and investors. Over the past twenty five years our association has enjoyed a close working relationship with elected officials, their staffs, and public policy administrators. Association members are strongly encouraged to register their opinions and to lend their expertise with NYSAASC leadership as public policy issues are being discussed and considered.

In the spring of 2017 NYSAASC leadership is active in the following arenas:

  • Opposition to Office Based Surgery facility level reimbursement
  • Confirmation of the implementation of Charity Care requirements for new ASC’s in limited licensure
  • Occupancy issues for New York City under the 2012 NFPA code
  • Clarification of the Architectural Requirements operating 23 hour stays
  • Monitoring Workers Compensation Reform
  • Constructive Commentary on behalf of the DSRIP initiative
  • Endoscopy Safety Proposals
  • Nursing Licensure and Retention

Details of these activities are available in the Members tab of this website

NYSAASC’s 2017 Goals and Objectives

  • Advocate for regulations and guidelines which reduce overhead for facilities, promote patient safety, & quality patient care
  • Hold an Annual Conference to educate and ensure member’s understanding existing regulations
  • Establish a Regional Meeting plan for feedback
  • Create a climate for ASC expansion in NYS
  • Expand and fund PAC program which helps NYSAASC reach its goals
  • Demonstrate and Communicate the Value of Membership
  • Monitor Out of Network Billing
  • Monitor MACRA

2017 Action Plan

  • NYS Legislative Agenda
    1. Create an awareness among legislators of NYSAASC and ASC’s role in the delivery of care and potential for cost savings
    2. Monitor and react to proposed Budget issues
    3. Monitor Senate and Assembly health committee Activity regarding OBS, Retail Clinics
    4. Monitor proposed Endoscopy reform bill
  • Regulatory Issues (current)
    1. Clarify 23 hour stay rule
    2. Pursue relief from Audit Level Review of Cost Reports
    3. Drive for Worker Compensation Insurance premium reductions for facilities
    4. Clarify the Inspector General’s local       transportation issue
    5. Monitor and assist Limited Life facilities with Charity Care Requirements
    6. Disseminate materials to clarify 2012 NFPA Code Impact on ASC’s
    7. Assist facilities in preparation for the OAHS CAHP requirement in 2018
  • Establish a Consistent Communications Plan to/from members of NYSAASC Activities
    1. Regular (weekly to bi-monthly) email communications to all New York ASC’s
    2. monthly call during NYS legislative session to include NYSAASC members in legislative session
    3. expand NYSAASC Website Functionality


Frequently Asked Question Regarding the Implementation of the Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (OAS CAHPS) Survey